Macro Photography

A short while ago I purchased a 105mm Macro lens; Nikon of course….  What a great lens, so sharp you just wouldn’t believe it!  I spend hours over the days and weeks following its arrival finding out just good this lens is. The image below depicts condensation on a plastic water bottle. I think the [...]

Interior Photography

I have been doing interior photography for a few years and what I like most of all is finding dynamic angles; architectural contradictions, abstract patterns and the like… The above photo is a great example of the kind of images I seek…  This photo was taken late 2010 in the Life Sciences Building, Southampton University. [...]

Extreme Conditions

Some years ago I had a job photographing the Royal Marines, Brigade Patrol Troop during winter training in Norway. These guy’s don’t mess around, they train in the most extreme conditions in order to prepare themselves for all eventualities.  Not only are the men tested but also the equipment and on this job my equipment [...]


Anyone that visited New York will tell you that it is a city that never sleeps.  The fast pace of daily life is evident and everyone seems to walk with purpose.  I wanted to capture an iconic image that depicted pace, movement and what could be more iconic that a  ‘Yellow Cab’… not that taxi’s [...]

PR Photography

PR and Press photography demand a little more of the photographer in terms of the picture content; the picture should tell the story or at least be interesting enough to entice the viewer to read the article.  The photograph below was taken on behalf of an opticians who give free eye tests and glasses, if [...]