PR Photography

PR and Press photography demand a little more of the photographer in terms of the picture content; the picture should tell the story or at least be interesting enough to entice the viewer to read the article.  The photograph below was taken on behalf of an opticians who give free eye tests and glasses, if needed, to children from Chernobyl.

Arriving on site early paid dividends, these lenses provided an ideal opportunity to get a totally new perspective. This shot did take a little time to position the people the lenses and get the lighting right. The client was very happy with the image and if the client is happy we are happy…

Weather can make or ruin a photograph and I find myself checking the weather report two or three times a day of I have jobs that require photography outdoors!  The photo above was taken to promote the ‘No Way Out’ campaign for bikers.  Well of course I would have loved a nice sunny day but as it turned out the overcast sky and blustery conditions added the drama and seriousness of the message. The client loved the look and feel so of course I took full credit!

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