February 2010

I have had the blog for quite some time but have not, until now, put enough effort into putting the content in.  So here goes.  Please enjoy the content, hopefully as time goes by you will see a wide range of images, different styles and some great images…

First job of the month – photographing Rob Douglas CBE, Chairman SEEDA working alongside Tom Noble an apprentice at Solent Refit, Hythe.

SEEDA Chairman and apprentice.
SEEDA Chairman and apprentice.

 This was a staged photo oppotunity for the benifit of myself and the local media. As does quite often happen the local ‘Tog’ couldn’t get there for all of the event so he missed out on these shots.

Archive Photo – 01

Whilst searching for an image I came across this photo of Sir Chris Hoy, Olympian extraordinaire…  The bike was securly bolted to the floor of the wind tunnel and I wanted to introduce a sense of movement, speed and hopefully give some idea of the effort Chris was putting into testing.  He makes it all look so easy…

I photographed Chris Hoy during one of the British Cycleing teams testing sessions in the wind tunnel at Southampton University.

This is quite a simple technique; long exposure and zoom either in or out depending on how you want the end result to look. A small amount of flash freezes the movement just enough to isolate Chris from the blur.  The conditions within the wind tunnel were less than ideal and I only had a few minutes to set up and get a number of shots.  As you can imagin wind tunnel time costs money and the tests were quite extensive so photography is an ‘as and when’ we can fit it in…  Many thanks to all the guys though, they pulled out all the stops to help.

Archive Photo – 02

I really enjoy working in the studio and despite its modest size we are able to cram quite a lot in. The following image was required for a trade show where the image would be covering a 4m x 3m display.

The client ‘Martins Rubber’ turned up with a box full of bit’s and pretty much left me to it. I much prefer to work on my own but as we all know sometimes the clients needs are quite specific and in those circumstance it does help to have their input.  The gardest part of this job was laying out all the items, both the rubber mats that make up the flooring and all the individual items were moved and repositioned a number of times in order to get the desired look.

Archive Photo – 03

Street Art

I have started to get into projects. A couple I have on the go at the moment are ‘Street Art – decay’ and ‘Abstract – environmental images’. Two examples follow; I hope to have a set of images from both projects ready for a proper showing by the end of this year – as you can tell they are both long term projects…

There is a foot bridge very close to my studio where there are some superb examples of ‘Street Art’ in a state of decay. The fottbridge show no signs of being maintained by the local council so the ‘Grafitti’ that adorns it is slowly going the same way as things created by man!  I often see ‘Street Art’ and have to decide whether it is art or just a bad example of grafitti – may be I am jsut not qualified to say.

Archive Photo – 04


I am always struck by the ‘Abstract’ images that I see within our built environment.  Sometimes it’s the juxtaposition of two differing building the way that architecture and design from different time periods either compliment or collide with each other.  The following image is striking on the basis of the vibrant colour alone but concider the hardness of the railings, the imposing  jagged spikes and their reaching high into the sky and it’s even more striking (INHO)…

This was quite an easy subject, again close to my studio so getting the right colour sky behind was just a matter of waiting for the appropriate time.  This one trip provided me a number of images, all on the same theme but different enough to be wothy of display.

Archive Photo – 05

My wife and 2 girls all ride horses so over the last few years I have started to take an interest in equine photography. We were all at Badminton for the three day eventing and I managed to capture this photo, amongst a great number of others, it depicts the athleticism of both horse and rider along with the trust both parties must have in each other.

Like all sports photography timing makes the photo.  A split second earlier or later for that matter and this image may well have been relegated to the cutting room flow (thats old speak for thrown away).  As photographers we quite often find ourselves working to incredibly tight deadlines and we don’t always have the time to look at the merits of each individual image we have taken.  Maybe we should all take time out to look back through our archived images to see if we have missed something special in our haste to meet a deadline or desire to get to the next paid job!

Archive Photo – 06

Glass is a real nightmare to photograph, as anyone that has done it will testify to.  The following photo was a personal project; firstly I liked the item and secondly I realised that I had not photographed clear glass for some years and I wanted to make sure that I could if required!  Having my own studio is a real bonus and it means I can play to my hearts content when I have nothing better to do.  Photographing glass requires a lot of playing around as a lighting setup that works for one item may not necessarily work for another.

What made this an interesting project was the need to get the swan within the glass bottle (it’s a perfume bottle I believe) as well lit and clearly defined as the bottle itself.  Reflectors and black board help achieve the desired effect. At the end of the day I was really happy with this shot.  The bottle itself is roughly 2.25 inch in height and the end result prints huge…

Archive Photo – 07

Having served in the Royal Navy for 24 Years, 20 of which were as a professional photographer I have an affinity with the sea.  I have my own boat, though I don’t get to go sailing as much as I would like.  Nevertheless I take any chance I can to get out on the water and living so close to the Solent, a mecca for the boating fraternity, there are always great photo opportunities.

A good friend of mine has a 9m RIB and he wanted to go out and get up close to some of the races during Cowes Week.  When I was invited along I jumped at the chance and even though we could only get out on the water for a couple of hours I managed to get some really great shots.  You only really get a sense for the drama and action of yacht racing when you are in amongst it…

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