Corporate Headshot Photography

Your image is everything… some people don’t see it that way and are happy to have as their ‘Avatar’ a poor quality image cropped from a mobile phone image!  Your image should be everything to you.  Never more so than when you are uploading that image to a social or B2B networking site. Whereas some leeway can be given to purely social networking sites unfortunately B2B sites should be treated in a much more professional manner.

'what is your image worth to you?'

Corporate head shots should engage with the viewer, it should reflect professionalism and demonstrate that you as an individual or a company place value on every aspect of it’s corporate image including it’s staff.  There are many different styles of corporate headshot photography and it’s likely that the senior management will need something slightly different to the sales team who in turn may need something different to the warehouse staff.  The important thing is that you have available for use high quality portraits consistent in style and in keeping with your brand.

OK, for some people, it’s all too much trouble and  they will have an excuse as to why the picture that they have been using for the last 10 years is good enough!  We have been doing this for a long time and have heard just about every excuse that there is and we can see the reluctance in someones eyes when they have been told “you will have your photo taken”… This is where the skills and experience of a professional photographer come in to play!  The key thing here is to work quickly, efficiently and professionally.  The less of the persons time you take up the more cooperation will be forthcoming. By working efficiently you reinforce the persons belief that the photo session will be over quickly. Being professional is about doing the previous two things well and also by communicating clearly what it is you are doing and what you need the person to do.  A typical staff photographic session should take no more than 3 minutes.

Senior executives will no doubt need images for a wider variety of uses, brochures, regional and national press, trade journals, submissions etc. In an ideal world we would be looking at 45mins to an hour to produce a range of images suitable for the different uses specified above.  Depending on the individuals responsibilities we may need to do the session at different locations within the business: office, boardroom, shopfloor etc. hence the longer session.

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