About Me

Yes, thats me!

Name:         Paul McCabe
DoB:            July 1962
Married:      Yes
Children:    2 Girls
Location:    Southampton

I have been a professional photographer for over 26 years and throughout that time I have travelled and completed assignments throughout the world.  The time came to settle down, spend more time at home so I established my business ‘Southampton Photographic’ in the beautiful county of Hampshire.

I had a love of photography form a young age and that turned into a passion in the mid 80′s when I started my formal photographic training. As the years went by and my confidence grew I started to try new things, experiment with light, film, processing and printing techniques to see where it would take me!  My assignments took me, literally, around the world often away from home for months at a time.  As the photographic industry made the transition from conventional, film photography, to digital I was there…  On more than one occasion I would find myself in a press pen at some high profile event and I would be the only ‘tog’ with a digital camera; at that time it was a Nikon/Fuji highbred, a Nikon N3.  By todays standards the quality of the images was quite poor but it gave speed and convenience. I could capture an image, process that image on the laptop and transmit  that image in minutes and from the spot the photograph was taken. Thats something that we take very much for granted these days but back in the mid 90′s it was cutting edge.

These days, it’s all digital… deadlines demand the use of digital cameras, laptops and broadband telephone lines.




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