Extreme Conditions

Some years ago I had a job photographing the Royal Marines, Brigade Patrol Troop during winter training in Norway. These guy’s don’t mess around, they train in the most extreme conditions in order to prepare themselves for all eventualities.  Not only are the men tested but also the equipment and on this job my equipment was tested also!  Batteries that would normal last days only last minutes when the temperature plummets to -30° and skin sticks to bare metal when the temperature reaches -15°; I’ve had cameras stuck to my cheeks on more than one occassion.  Royal Marines have a history of heroic raides and no obsticle is too big for these highly trained, steely eyed Commandos as can be seen in the following picture.

Royal Marine of Brigade Patrol Troop scales a frozen waterfall in Norway

Working in such conditions requires a great deal of preperation of both equipment and ones self.   As a much younger photographer I had been attached to the Royal Marines for a number of years and underwent, what they called at the time, Artic Warfare Training.  Because of this I knew pretty much what to expect but with such good training you learn, above all, to expect the unexpected…

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