Anyone that visited New York will tell you that it is a city that never sleeps.  The fast pace of daily life is evident and everyone seems to walk with purpose.  I wanted to capture an iconic image that depicted pace, movement and what could be more iconic that a  ‘Yellow Cab’… not that taxi’s in New York race around the streets.

The technique used above realy is quite simple thouigh it did take a few exposures to get the image that I wanted.  This shot was taken in the late afternoon in November and there wasn’t a great deal of light.  For what I wanted, a slow shutter speed, there was more than enough light to make the shot work.  This was a simple panning technique; face the direction I wanted as a background, twist right to pick up the taxi’s as they crossed the intersection, track the taxi by moving the camera at the same speed that the taxi is moving. At the choosen point take the exposure but keep tracking the taxi and importantly follow through after the exposure has finished.  The shutter speed selection was a bit of trial and error but for this shot it was somewhere in the region of 1/30 sec.


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