Corporate Headshot Photography

Your image is everything… some people don’t see it that way and are happy to have as their ‘Avatar’ a poor quality image cropped from a mobile phone image!  Your image should be everything to you.  Never more so than when you are uploading that image to a social or B2B networking site. Whereas some [...]

About Me

Name:         Paul McCabe DoB:            July 1962 Married:      Yes Children:    2 Girls Location:    Southampton I have been a professional photographer for over 26 years and throughout that time I have travelled and completed assignments throughout the world.  The time came to settle down, spend more time at home so I established my business ‘Southampton [...]


Fire has a hypnotic quality and its easy to lost in its beauty.  Smoke has a similar effect and it wasn’t until quite recenty that I found that its become a form of art.  As I had nothing else on today, my office admin is up to date, I thought that I would have a go myself.  [...]

February 2010

I have had the blog for quite some time but have not, until now, put enough effort into putting the content in.  So here goes.  Please enjoy the content, hopefully as time goes by you will see a wide range of images, different styles and some great images… First job of the month – photographing [...]